Defending the Constitution in Idaho through Criminal Defense

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Thoughts from a Criminal Defender

Welcome to my  new blog! I’m excited to begin publishing my thoughts on criminal defense in Idaho to all my readers! I’ve tried starting a blog on a couple of different occasions, but the timing just never worked out. This time around I have thought long and hard about how I want to approach the task. I’ve decided that the best way to present my material to my readers is through a question and answer format.

As a criminal defense attorney in Boise, Idaho, I receive numerous phone calls every day from prospective clients wanting to know about the criminal process, their rights in that process, and what can be done for them. Many questions they have I have ready answers for because I have heard these same questions on numerous occasions. At least for the first few months my blog posts are going to center on these commonly asked questions about criminal law in Idaho. Feel free to comment on the blog, or email me privately with questions you may have that you would like answered in a blog post.

Bookmark my blog, share my blog, and visit often, as I intend to post my thoughts on criminal defense frequently.  Also please comment and ask questions. I will attempt to respond as quickly as possible.